It is a challenging task for the Human Resource department, if the organization doesn’t define a good human resource workflow. The most crucial and important tasks of Human Resources Department comprise Recruiting the workforce, Training management, Performance appraisals, encouraging employees along with set up of workstation communication, Workplace welfare and much more.

To meet the above mentioned challenges, FutureNet Pvt Ltd has developed Human Resource Management System Software which will not only bring together management features but will also help to fully utilize of Human Resources functions and accountabilities. FNPL’s HRMS offers user friendly, accurate and timely retrieval of both workforce and activity-oriented information via comprehensible operations. Our HRMS software solution has been mapped effectively to come across the data required to each levels of the administration & enables planning, implementation, monitoring, and decision support actions.

FNPL’s HRMS incorporates, all the basic datasets of an organization, which enable managers to better understand about specific happenings at the workplace, and also provide accurate information. For the top management, our solution could be the decision support system which can help it to respond not only in lesser time but also helps in effective decision making based on previous data inserted.

Major Modules of FNPL’s HRMS

  • Employee Profile
  • Leave Management System
  • Time Management System
  • Payroll Management System
  • Employee Performance Module
  • Employee Loan History Management
  • Employee Transfer, Promotions, Increments
  • Employee Bonus
  • Employee 360 Appraisal
  • Employee Self Services
  • Employee Life Cycle
  • Manpower Scheduling
  • Complaint Handling
  • Training Management
  • Recruitment Process
  • Assets Allocation
  • Medical, LTA Reimbursement
  • Reports