Document Management System (DMS) is the solution to store, manage and track Digital / Electronic documents & electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner.

Document Management System (DMS) Services

In an IT – enabled world, it is so vital for the well-organized business enterprises to manage their content effectively with the low cost. Document Management System is the best option for those who not only want to reduce the cost of maintaining the content but also expand productivity of their organizations.

FNPL is a Document Management Service provider that offers proficient, reasonable and very cost-effective document management software with minimum hassles. We deliver high speed conversion of documents, maintaining a high quality standard.

FNPL’s DMS Features

  • Converts paper file in to digital file which includes handwritten notes, report print outs, typed letters etc
  • Stores electronic file in to Centralized Data Storage
  • Privileged mechanism for different users
  • Generates precise log system of each and every electronic document which can be accessed within the organization
  • Keyword penetrating facility throughout the documents
  • Version Rheostat
  • Facilitates quick search

Benefits of FNPL’s DMS

  • Reduces storage space and cost
  • Provides extra protection to the highly sensitive document from untrusted access
  • Consolidates data base
  • Scans and transforms paper file into electronic file
  • Simplest way to share content with the right user
  • Searchable content makes it easy for user to find particular information
  • User is enabled to access the data via Mobile / Tablet
  • Document Management System helps the organization in making it a Green or Paperless office.

Document Processing Service

To be successful in the business, Organization should have a good Document Management. FNPL provides below mentioned Document Management services:

ocr_icon ICR/OCR/OMR Form Processing

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a kind of practice that includes task like translating various images into machine editable text, Image of text in to ASCII format which can be easily understood by the computers.
  • FNPL has an extensive exposure in the use of the composite Document Management Software and algorithms essential for Optical Character Recognition and Optical Mark Recognition.
  • ICR (Intelligence Character Recognition) is the advanced version of OCR. With this process, computer can also recognize calligraphy along with editable text, image etc.
  • Improved Intelligence Character Recognition service is provided by FNPL where we are using most upgraded technology ICR with which user can transfer calligraphy text into PDF or MS Word as per the requirement.
  • We provide solution for OCR/ICR/OMR which is a great alternative for the companies that are looking for an option for manual data capture.

omr OMR Examination

  • OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) is kind of a process which can be used to capture and transmute manually marked data into digital version.
  • It can be useful to capture and transform documents like examination paper, investigation document or any kind of mass survey.

img_sca Image Scanning

  • With our Document Management Solution, users can easily scan and transform their data into digital version with scanners.
  • Benefit of this feature is that users can easily access the document from computer, mobile phone, tablet etc. from anywhere in the world as data can be stored in the central data base.
  • Our providing Document Management Services(DMS) is an effort to get-up-and drive your company towards a "paper-less office".

data_icon Image Data Entry

  • Organizing the data properly is a thumb rule in every organization. As DMS solution providers in India, we have developed solution with which, users can not only convert physical image into digital image but it can also be found via search option from the database easily. In our DMS solution, we have used mechanisms like Meta Data Extraction, Naming & Indexing and Annotation to improve search tool for the user.

e_storage e-Document Storage

  • The main intention of e-Document storage is having an access to all the documents securely from anywhere. It will also help you to reduce the cost as paperless office is utilizing less space in costly bureau. We offer, electronic document storage for every segment where we have taken care of aspects like security, flexibility and assessable storage of the document.

transl_icon Document Translation

  • FNPL has been accredited with high quality and customer satisfaction. The translation services are accomplished by first rate certified translators and proof readers who possess the required experience to meet the demands of our customers. We offer our customers totally tailored solutions.