FNPL provides diverse solutions for e-Governance implementation.

e-Governance implies technology driven governance. e-Governance is a methodology, rapidly expanding across India. More and more government organizations and departments are now looking forward to implement Information Technology in a bigger way through e-Governance.

With the help of e-Governance, process of government functioning becomes simple, responsive, transparent and accountable. Leading government organizations are focusing on getting as many services online as possible. The multi-tiered administration structure at various administrative levels will also have to ensure that the new initiatives are sustainable and feasible.


FNPL is a leading e-Governance solution provider and one of the fastest growing companies in the this sector in India. FNPL has already served several government organizations and departments to implement Information Technology through software and business solutions. FNPL’s e-Governance Services help government organizations to improve the Accountability, Transparency & Effectiveness by automating the functions and processes. e-Governance services of FNPL have also been certified by ISO.

Benefits of e-Governance :
  • Electronic personnel register
  • Reminders and notifications to officers through Emails and SMSes
  • Providing Interdepartmental interface
  • Improved accountability and efficiency
  • Data consolidation
  • Increased revenue to state
  • Information On-demand
  • Standardization of common process
  • Work / Task prioritization
  • Reduced cycle time and dependencies
  • Automation of many processes to reduce dependency on manpower
  • Integrity & accuracy of data
  • Improved Service Delivery and easy access for stakeholders